meatcure – a restaurant review

IMG_5260 (1)I’m an impatient person, so generally having to wait for anything causes me to grumble. Having to wait for a table at MeatCure? No problem.
Stepping into MeatCure the décor is the first thing to wow – a perfect mix of school canteen meets industrial cool. Although instead of being surrounded by school children you’re surrounded by adults in a state of burger euphoria. The staff are delightful; welcoming, efficient and clearly loving what they do. The wait flies by thanks to an impressive array of craft beers to choose from. As our burgers arrived, we fell silent. It wasn’t just a comfortable silence between friends; it was an understanding that this burger deserved our wholeheartedattention.IMG_5267

I opted for ‘Taxi Driver’, the newest burger on the block. Not only was I treated to a succulent, extremely high quality beef patty there was also a layer of beef brisket. That’s right – beef on beef. As if this wasn’t enough there’s also double jack cheese, an incredible mix of pickles, all sandwiched in-between one of the best brioche buns I’ve tasted. If you’re going to have a burger you may as well go all out. AmIright?
MeatCure know what they’re doing. Haute cuisine it’s not. It’s much better than that. There are juices from the beef running down arms and tarragon mayo smeared around mouths. It’s real food. Unpretentious and messy food. It will leave you full yet craving your next fix. MeatCure, it was a pleasure.IMG_5261

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