new york, new york

For those of you who don’t know (which doesn’t leave many of you) Brett and I are getting married in September. Straight after the wedding we’re jetting off on our honeymoon to New York City. Before we decided on our honeymoon destination we debated doing the traditional relaxing beach getaway. We didn’t debate this for very long, as beautiful as that would be and it is the sort of thing we would like to do one day, that one day isn’t now. Our heart belongs in the city.

Needless to say one of the absolute most important things about visiting a new place is the food and drink on offer. With so much choice in New York it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ve started compiling a list of places I want to try out (listed below). I’ve being collecting little guides over the last few months along with scouring the internet for the best hot spots. There is of course nothing better than word of mouth recommendations. So for any New Yorkers reading this or anyone who has visited recently – get in touch!

PDT (Please don’t tell)
This is an old fashioned speakeasy. You enter the bar through a phone booth.I’m not going to lie, I was largely sold by this. Gimmick aside, I’ve read the cocktails are superb.
113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

Bien Cuit
I’m sure there are hundreds of bakeries worth a visit in New York (so do feel free to recommend away) however Bien Cuit is at the top of my bakery hit list. They offer a wide selection of breads, pastries and desserts. I’ve read the menu online so many times I could almost recite it. Apple Cardamon Danish: Puréed Apple,Vanilla Cream, Cardamom Streusel – need I say more?
120 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY, 1120

Katz’s Delicatessen
As luck would have it Katz’s deli is just round the corner from the hotel we’ll be staying in on the lower east side. Established in 1888 it looks to be the real McCoy. Just head to the website and take a look at the image you’re greeted with. Utter. Meat. Heaven
205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St) New York City, 10002

Pies ‘n’ Thighs
I’ve googled it about 100 times, yet I’m still not overly sure what biscuits & gravy actually IS? Still, I really want to try it. Pies ‘n’ Thighs serves the type of dirty food I secretly love to eat. The menu is full of all sorts of delicious real american food. The biscuits & gravy and fried chicken sandwich are what I’m currently lusting after…Roll on September!
43 Canal(btw Ludlow & Orchard) New York, NY 10002 & 166 S. 4th Street(at Driggs) Brooklyn, NY 11211

I’ll stop here otherwise this post will get out of hand…but please do get in touch with your recommendations. We’re in New York for 10 days….there’s a lotta eatin’ and drinkin’ to be done. 

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