brussel sprout summer salad

Sprouts in June!! Say wha?! Yes it sounds crazy but hear me out. I know they get a bad rep and if someone was to pass me a plate of soggy boiled brussel sprouts I would politely decline. However, just like most vegetables they are incredibly diverse and if you’re willing to look past their bad reputation and the fact that they’re a ‘Christmas vegetable’ you will grow to love them.

This isn’t too dissimilar to the sprout dish I make at Chirstmas, however with a few simple tweaks, it can be easily turned into a delicious summer salad.

Serves 2
2 salmon fillets
300g brussel sprouts
1 large red chilli
200g lardons
5 asparagus stalks
100g peas
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Cayenne pepper

Start off by seasoning your salmon with a little bit of cayenne pepper and place this in a hot pan – skin side down with a little olive oil.
Whist the salmon is cooking fry off the lardons in another pan until they turn lovely and crispy. Then add your shredded sprouts and chopped chilli. Give this a good stir so everything is combined.
Keep an eye on your salmon to make sure its not overcooking. Flip it over and crisp up the top of the the fillet.
Lastly add in the peas and chopped asparagus – you don’t want to cook these for very long as you want them to keep their beautiful bright green colour – and personally I like my asparagus a little al dente.
Finally season with a little salt & pepper, plate up and serve with the salmon on top.

Have you ever seen a more vibrant, summery plate of food?

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