Coconut Thyme Porridge with Pomegranate & Pistachios

If creamy coconut porridge with lashings of honey and pomegranate sounds like your kinda thing, then keep on reading!

I came up with the idea for this recipe due to some leftover ingredients in my fridge. Wondering what to do with some thyme and pomegranate before they were past their best my mind started wondering (as it usually does) to breakfast.
I initially made this porridge with cows milk and a dollop of coconut oil….which was not good! The coconut oil mixed with the pomegranate juice and curdled around the edge of my bowl. Whilst it tasted okay it did not look okay (though I still managed to ‘gram a photo, obvs.)
So for round two I decided to cut out the middle man and use coconut milk instead. Boy oh boy did it work a treat!
200ml coconut milk
70 oats
A few sprigs of thyme
Add the coconut milk and oats to a pan over a medium heat. After a few mins squeeze in a dollop of honey and the thyme leaves. Cook for about 10 mins until the oats are lovely and plump. Pour into your favourite bowl, sprinkle everything else on top and dig in!  Please note that the quantities above are for slightly milky porridge, if you like yours even milker or thicker for that matter, just adjust the quantities to taste.

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