Flour & Ash – Bristol

Bristol, the city of cider, banksy and Flour & Ash.  Flour & Ash is a restaurant in Bristol specialising in pizza and ice cream. Need I say more? Yes, I should probably mention that they are sourdough pizzas, thats right! Sourdough PIZZA.  As if this wasn’t enough the flavours they offer up are incredible.
When I was presented with the menu I couldn’t decide and had to ask our waiter for some more time, twice before we ordered.  I went for aubergine, basil & mozzarella in the end – which was so tasty. However, Brett won the menu wars this round with a fillet steak, watercress & rosemary number. Thick, juicy slices of beef on a sourdough base. Heaven on a plate.

Next up was the ice cream! Before Brett and I had even started eating our pizzas we were greedily discussing how many scoops we were going to get. We settled on one each and one to share (which normally means 90% to me, ha!) However by the time it came to actually ordering our ice cream we were so stuffed we couldn’t justify that extra scoop! So went for the best two flavours on the menu; orange & cardamon and ginger. I’m not sure Brett even had a chance to sample the ginger scoop as I inhaled it! Big ol’ chunks of delicious stem ginger encased in the tastiest ice cream. TOO GOOD.

We left feeling thoroughly full  and a little bit sad that this gem of a restaurant isn’t on our door step. Flour & Ash is reason enough to visit the wonderful city of Bristol (again & again & again…)

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