26 grains

Ah 26 grains, a porridge haven! Tucked away in pretty Neals Yard (Covent Garden) 26 grains is soon becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in London. Gone are the days when porridge conjures up a frightful image of cold, lumpy oats seasoned with not much more than a pinch of salt. The bowls 26 grains serve up are as pretty as they are delicious.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample three delightful bowls (well, two of my own and several spoonfuls of Brett’s!) Upon my first visit I went for the Hazelnut & Butter (almond milk, oats, butter, hazelnuts, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar & apple) It was SO delicious! An abundance of sweet hazelnuts and sharp apple sitting onto of pillowy soft oats. Brett went for the Carrot (carrot juice, oat & rye blend, spices, toasted nuts and ginger maple) which, although classed as a sweet porridge, was a little more savoury than I’m use to. I believe this was down to the carrot juice in replace of milk. Still, no complaints from either of us as it was super delicious.
My most recent bowl of joy was the Blueberry (coconut milk, blueberry compote, oats, strawberries, almond butter, rye granola & toasted coconut) which hands down wins the prize for the prettiest bowl! The colours are superb and the taste is just as good.
As if bowls of porridge almost too beautiful to eat isn’t enough. The interior of the shop is swoon worthy and an instragrammers dream! Rustic wooden furniture, a relaxed atmosphere with cacti and foliage speckled throughout. Not to forget the sweet warming smell of porridge which gently lingers.

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