A Mini New York Guide

I was planning on doing a very comprehensive New York guide to share with you all, however with it being my honeymoon I was clearly far too busy enjoying my new husband to gather up enough material. That being said, there were a couple of cafes and restaurants in particular that I fell in love with so thought I’d do the world’s shortest guide…better than nothing, eh?

Happy Bones

Happy Bones is a tiny little coffee shop nestled away in Little Italy. I’d read about it several times when researching our honeymoon to New York so knew it was definitely one to try! Being a tourist we had the advantage of being able to leisurely turn up at about 11am on a Thursday, nicely timed between the morning rush and afternoon hustle… without the weekend queues. With only three tables in the whole place we were even lucky enough to nab a seat! The décor is stripped back, clean white exposed brick walls with marble tables (hello Instagram!). I opted for an iced-latte due to the unseasonably warm September weather whilst Brett (who would drink a hot drink no matter the temperature) went for a trusty latte. Now I’m no connoisseur but the coffee really was superb. If I didn’t have a whole city on my door step to explore I’d have happily sat and whittled away the hours in Happy Bones.
394 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013


I couldn’t resist including this next little gem. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with street artists Hanksy? I certainly wasn’t before visiting New York. Hanksy is a graffiti artist who specialises in celebrities and puns. Need I say more? Just take a look at the Homer Simpson mural we stumbled on. Luckily this is just round the corner from Happy Bones. Perfect for a morning of coffee and exploring the wonderful graffiti New York has to offer.

Café Ost

The East Village was one of my favourite areas in the city due its toned down pace, the streets are slightly wider and the buildings slightly shorter. We visited Café Ost (there is another in the LES) for a relaxing morning of coffee and pastries. The décor is unpretentious and inviting, much like the east village itself. Original tiled floors, marble tables (are you sensing a theme here?) with sweet wooden chairs adorn the café. The tables are strategically placed facing the window to allow for people watching (if you’re that way inclined…which I definitely am). The coffee and pastries were as delicious as you could hope for. All in all a wonderful way to start your morning in the East Village.
441 East 12th Street @ Avenue A

Egg Shop

Egg Shop was hands down my favourite restaurant in the city! Serving up breakfast (brunch), lunch & dinner with the humble egg being at the centre of all the dishes. Whilst the menu is big on flavour the restaurant itself is fairly small. We popped in relatively early on a week night and managed to get seated straight away, however we walked by several times and the queue was out the door, particularly on weekends. So I would recommend booking! I ordered the fried chicken and brown rice, accompanied with a load of vegetables and of course a scrumptious fried egg. It was utterly delicious.
151 Elizabeth St, New York, 10012

151 Elizabeth St New York 10012

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