Our Wedding Photographers

J & B 288I thought it was about time I shared a few more of my wedding photographs with you. I’ve drip fed a couple onto my Instagram but thought it would be nice to show you the day in a little more detail…and rave about the wonderful SD Photography whilst I’m at it.J & B 001

J & B 021J & B 065J & B 015SD Photography, also known as Sarah and Darren are a couple (of babes) from Scotland who specialise in alternative wedding photography. They capture the day as it unfolds with no awkward poses or cheesy group shots. The photos were hands down the most important part of my wedding day (well, next to marrying Brett, obvs) so when I stumbled across SD Photography’s website I honestly felt like I had won the lottery, especially when they said they were available to shoot our day. J & B 020

J & B 053J & B 055Working with Sarah and Darren was an absolute hoot. Neither myself or Brett are that use to being in front of a camera (I’m far more comfortable behind it) but we were completely put at ease and most of the time didn’t even realise we were having our photo taken.

As for the final result, I’ll let you be the judge of that…
J & B 118 J & B 123 J & B 130 J & B 148 J & B 163 J & B 175 J & B 216 J & B 233 J & B 243 J & B 248 J & B 284 J & B 333 J & B 344J & B 381

J & B 409

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