Winter Warming Blueberry Porridge

Is there anything better than getting stuck into a warming, sweet bowl of porridge on a winters morning? I must confess that porridge is my go to breakfast of choice all year round (what can I say, this gal likes her oats) but there is something extra special about it when the temperatures start to drop outside, which they certainly have done these last few days. The below recipe is one of my faves and with just four simple ingredients it takes no time at all:

1/2 a cup of rolled oats (50/60g)
1 cup of milk (I use full fat, obvs)
Handful of blueberries 

Start off by adding your oats and about half the milk to a pan on a low to medium heat and start stirring, as it starts to thicken keep adding the milk and stirring it through. 

In a separate pan add your blueberries and a squeeze of honey to a low heat, the blueberries will soften quickly and you’ll be left with a lovely blueberry compote (you may need to squash some of them to help it along) 

Once your oats are ready, serve in your bowl of choice and pour on the blueberry compote, add a dollop of honey and voila! You’re ready to take yourself back to bed with a delicious warming bowl of porridge. 

What porridge recipes are you loving?

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