Canesmith & Co

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There was nothing better as a kid than the joy of wondering into a sweet shop, pound coin in hand, with jars upon jars full of delicious sweets to chose from. I use to spend ages deliberating over which sweets would make their way into my goodie bag and eventually home with me (well, not that many ever made it home).

As an adult I still have an extremely sweet tooth and I’ve never quite lost that buzz of visiting a sweet shop. However the end result isn’t quite how I remembered. The sweets I loved as a child now a days all taste the same, nothing but brightly coloured sugar and jelly in an array of different shapes and sizes.

Luckily for us Canesmith & Co are on hand to cater for our more refined taste buds…

Canesmith & Co do gourmet sweets for grown ups. In their words they’re ‘reinventing sweets, one chew at a time’  having had the joy of sampling their delights I can confirm that they really ARE reinventing sweets.
Though let me clarify, they don’t just offer up ‘sweets’, oh no, they do much more than that!

They create wonderful, unique tasting caramels (I am obsessed with the peanut & cashew flavour. SO GOOD. Their peanut butter salt water taffy is so delicious it won two stars at the 2015 Great Taste Awards. Not to mention sherbet dippers made with REAL fruit.
Canesmith & Co are updating the sweets we loved from childhood in a very cool way with quality ingredients. Not only that, they offer up the chance to be a kid in a grown up candy shop….so what are you waiting for?Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

This post was in collaboration with Canesmith & Co, all thoughts and love of sweets my own. 

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