Making Memories 

Brett never fails to disappoint at Christmas. He always gets me a great selection of beautiful & thoughtful gifts. This year, he really out did himself. As you know 2015 was a big year for us, we have so many lovely photographs/cards/gifts to remember our wedding day by (not that we would forget it in a hurry). However, the honeymoon…not so much! We took a mini Polaroid camera to New York with us, so we do have a few actual photographs, but most of the photos we took are stored away on our phones and camera.

Not wanting to lose these photos and memories Brett created a wonderful scrapbook for us. I actually cried when I opened it. Using the PhotoBox website he turned all the photos on his phone into (really high quality) Polaroids. He was even able to annotate them which was such a lovely touch!

It was such a thoughtful gift and something we have vowed to try and do more of in the future in a bid not to lose all the photographs we will ultimately build up over the years.

I urge you to do the same with the last trip you took (or whatever you like…a long weekend or a lazy Sunday, even!)
I’ve put together a little list of exactly what Brett used to create the scrap book for some inspiration:

Premium Retro Prints from PhotoBox here.
Kraft Square Scrapbook from Paperchase here.
Colourful tape to stick in your photos here.

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