Dreamy Anthropologie Valentines Picks

With this being mine and Brett’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple I seem to have caught the love bug and can’t help but get wrapped up in all the lovey dovey festivities. That being said I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be ‘a day for couples’, why should everyone else have to miss out? You should be able to indulge in flowers and chocolates whatever your relationship status. I’ve being swooning over the valentine’s collection from Anthropologie and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat. Married/single/divorced/in a relationship whatever your situation come February 14th give into temptation and treat yo’self.
Bloomfield Loungers_£48_detail
This Valentine’s Day I plan to spend the day at home with my new husband. We’re going to have a chilled out day lounging around the house, making cocktails and sharing the labour of a three course meal. Of course, no day lounging at home is complete without some seriously comfortable threads, amirite? These pyjama bottoms will be perfect for a romantic day at home whatever your plans.
You can find yours here.
Wild Cocktails_£16.99

As I said Brett and I plan on getting boozy and making cocktails to celebrate our valentines together (any excuse). This book ‘Wild Cocktails’ has some serious inspo! Plus any drink that includes edible flowers is a win with me. If you’re having a day at home then why not break out the cocktail shaker and pick us this beautiful recipe book?
You can find yours here.


Citix60 Paris Map_£8.99

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris 3 times now and I’m sure those of who have also been will agree it’s easy to see why it’s deemed the most romantic city in the world. From the food and museums to the stunning architecture there really is nowhere else like it. So what better way to spend this Valentine’s Day cuddled up with this cute guide book to plan your next visit. Hint hint, Brett 😉
You can find yours here.

Sweetheart Treat Bags_£10

I absolutely love these treat bags. If you’re getting crafty this Valentine’s Day then these will make the perfect accompaniment. Whether you’re filling them with sweets for your sweet, a treat for your best friend or as a surprise gift for a secret crush, they’ll be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
You can find yours here.

Foodie Greetings Card_£3.50

You’re pie-fect. What can I say I’m a sucker for a pun! Make that a food related pun and I’m all yours. These cards are a fun way to tell your love just what they mean to you this Valentine’s Day.
You can find yours here.

Who will you be buying for this Valentine’s Day?

Please note that these images were not taken by myself; they were sent to me from Anthropologie.

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