Husk & Honey Granola

Ahh granola! My number one breakfast staple. Delicious crunchy oats, lashings of milk and sweet nuggets of coconut (the best bit if you ask me) whats not to like? I like to make my own from time to time but sometimes life just gets in the way, y’know? (Okay, okay sometimes I’m just lazy!) But with so many delicious brands out there doing all the hard work for us I think we’re all allowed to be a little bit lazy sometimes.

The brand I’m swooning about in particular is Husk & Honey! Based in East London, Husk & Honey create delicious hand baked granola free from refined sugars and let me tell you, they are seriously good at it!
Every batch is made with wildflower honey, coconut oil, omega 3 seeds and a whole bunch of nuts & oats. Basically, all the good stuff! Plus…just look at that packaging. Complete goals, amirite?

I’ve sampled all three flavours; Classic Oat & Barley, Gluten Free Quinoa & Buckwheat and Toasted Mulberry & Hemp. They’re all super delicious but I think the Classic Oat & Barley is my fave – I’m a classic girl at heart! To discover your favourite you can check out all three flavours over on the website. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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