A Clinique Staple

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The older I get (I’m 26, how did that happen?!) the more I have started investing time and money into my skin care. Now I’m not saying you have to spend silly amounts but it definitely pays off to do your research and invest wisely. After falling into a bit of moisturiser rut (stay with me, guys) I ended up using a high-street brand, which was okay for a little while, but it didn’t take long before I started noticing my skin was looking a little dull, I was developing dry patches and my make up looked patchy. I knew it was time to up my moisturiser game.

After doing my research and reading about Clinique moisture surge on a couple of other blogs I decided to buy it. I’ve being using it for about 7 weeks now and oh my god…..it is heaven in a pot! I have the mother of all combination skin, I fluctuate between oily with breakouts to dry and tight, plus it’s super sensitive! No matter what my skin decides to do on a morning, moisture surge can deal with it.
It doesn’t sit heavy on my skin (which with a name like ‘moisture surge’ I was a little worried about). It’s more of a gel base than a cream base and is so lovely to apply, it leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and hydrated throughout the while day. What more could you want in a moisturiser?


5 thoughts on “A Clinique Staple

    1. I use the kiehls midnight recovery oil at night which is super hydrating. I was after something equally as hydrating but more wearable for the day time. This honestly ticks all the boxes! X


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