Desmond & Dempsey

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I would confidently say that I spend more time in my pyjamas than out of them. No matter what time of day it is, if I’m at home you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be lounging around in my comfies. Over the years my pyjama collection has largely consisted of, well….Brett’s clothes. Baggy t-shirts, old jogging bottoms…you get the picture. Whilst these are all very comfy, rocking an old band t-shirt from the mid noughties (with the odd tea stain) doesn’t do much for my image.

I ended up coming across the brand Desmond & Dempsey on a friends blog. After browsing their site I was instantly in love with their ethos. The couple behind Desmond & Dempsey, Joel and Molly take ‘his’ shirt and reimagine it for ‘her’. Resulting in luxury tailored pyjamas with the prettiest patterns.


Whilst the pyjamas are on the pricey side they are all made with the highest quality cotton and are made to last. I absolutely adore my pair. The riccardo signature series – in candy pink. A sexy fitted shirt which is just the right amount of baggy with a beautiful pair of shorts to match. I can’t imagine ever wanting to wear anything else.


As if this wasn’t enough they also offer a monogram service which is such a beautiful touch. Granted this isn’t an everyday necessity for pyjamas BUT who doesn’t want monogrammed pyjamas?! Exactly.

I was kindly offered a discount from Desmond & Dempsey when ordering my pyjamas. 


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