Wednesday Words 

Let’s face it, nobody likes Wednesdays. Smack bang in the middle of the week with the weekend feeling like a lifetime away. It’s called hump day for a reason, amirite? The struggle is real. That being said there is always something out there to smile about so I thought I would start a new feature every Wednesday talking all about three things that are making me smile.  

1) Those of you who follow me on instagram will know that we’ve just got a new kitten – Casper! Ten weeks old and an absolute handful. He really is the cutest little guy! We’ve only had him for two and half weeks but he is already the love of my life (soz Brett). 

2) I think Spring is actually really truly (really) here now! I probably said something similar a few weeks ago when we had nice weather only for it to start snowing! But y’know, it’s got to arrive sometime and with the weather forecast claiming the temperature is going to reach 20 degrees this week, I think it’s safe to put away those winter coats. Yay. 

3) I had a little Space NK lunch time splurge today. I bought the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which I have heard so many good things about and the Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara. I almost deffinetly could have purchased so many more bits but I managed to show some self control! Have you guys tried these? 

Happy Wednesday!

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