Wednesday Words

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I’m finding this week a bit of a drag if I’m honest, it doesn’t help that the weather has resorted back to the UK standard of grey and drizzly. Where has the beautiful spring sunshine gone? Anyway, I wont let the weather dampen my spirits too much. There is, as ever, plenty to smile about on this wet Wednesday…

  1. I finally have my engagement ring back after being without it for a couple of weeks. I knocked it on the washing machine as I was putting in a load of laundry a few weekends ago (note to self – leave the laundry to Brett from now on) and one of the diamonds came loose. The ring is about 100 years old so I’d always suspected something like this may happen at some point down the line but it didn’t stop the shock of it actually happening. Needless to say there were tears (especially after being told by one jewellers that the job of fixing it would be too difficult). Luckily after doing a little more research I found a reputable jewellers who were able to the job with ease. My ring is now on my finger where it belongs!
  2. We’re getting some white floating shelves built in our living room later this week which I’m so excited for! Our living room is very nearly finished; the shelves will be the last touch. They’re really going to bring the room together, I can’t wait to start filling them some of my favourite books, some pretty prints and other bits and bobs. I think I’ll get some nice potted plants, too. I love pops of green against a while background. I think I might actually do a before and after post, so watch this space!
  3. With the summer months looming Brett and I are busy planning what our summer will look like. We’re planning lots of little UK breaks (think we’ll save a European trip for later in the year). So where are we off to? Next month begins with Manchester to see The Stone Roses (will I see any of you there?) then we’re going to hop over to Liverpool where my best friend and his fiancé live. During July we’re having a long weekend in one of my favourite places – Brighton (praying for some sun as my last visit was a complete wash out!). Then in September we’re going to The Hand & Flowers restaurant in Marlow as a special treat for our one year anniversary. I’m sure we’ll fit in a couple of other breaks here and there. Do you have any recommendations?

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