Paul Mitchell Morning Heroes 

I have roughy 1 hour to get myself ready and out the door on a weekday morning. 1 hour to shower, brush my teeth, sort my mop out, eat breakfast, have a cuppa, do my make up and get dressed, ensuring of course that I look somewhat presentable. I’m sure most you reading this will have a somewhat similar sounding morning routine. 

 Well, I have l found two hair products that have shaved precious minuets off my morning routine (every little helps, amirite?) so you may want to read on… 

I generally have to shampoo and condition my hair every morning which uses up a big chunk of my time! However thanks to Paul Mitchell I’ve come across two little gems that have really helped streamline things in the morning. 

I start off with the Paul Mitchell Clarifying Deep Clesnse shampoo. This is absolutely perfect for oily hair. Not only does it leave hair feeling squeaky clean and oh so soft it also helps prevent build up throughout the day. It’s a win win! Oh plus, it smells of lemons. I really can’t fault it.

Now for the real gem (and time saver) the Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler. I was always so skeptical of leave in conditioners. With my hair being on the oiler side I never would have dreamt of using a leave in conditioner. However after using the Lite Detangler I’m a complete convert. I absolutely adore it. So much so that I’ve actually stopped conditioning my hair on a daily basis. Once I’ve shampooed I simply towel dry my hair and liberally spritz some of the Detangler through. It leaves my hair so incredibly soft, knot free and most importantly it doesn’t sit heavy on my hair. It can also be used on completely dry hair if you’re after a boost throughout the day. The results are so dreamy I really can’t recommend it enough. Plus, it’s halved my shower time in the morning! It really is a dream product. 

Will you be trying any of these? 

These products were kindly sent to me by the Paul Mitchell team. 

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