Shelf Styling Ideas From Mia Fleur

Calligraphy FontsFinal Mia Fleur PhotoThanks to some fitted shelves our living room is very nearly looking exactly how I pictured it. I can’t believe how much of a difference the shelves have made to the room! Now they’re up comes the fun part – styling them. I found out about Mia Fleur from Kate La Vies blog and have been obsessing over the site ever since. They have so many beautiful decorative accessories, I’ve already bought a few bits and bobs but I have my eye on so much more. I’ve put together a round up of some of my favourite pieces.

1. I love love love this little geometric vase. I’m actually using this to prop a couple of my favourite books up, kind of like a book end. It also looks so sweet with a few flowers popped inside. I’ve only bought one of these but I’m tempted to get a couple more, they just look so good!

2. This decorative gold leaf is so beautiful. I have a bad habit of taking my engagement ring off when I’m doing chores round the house (and sometimes misplacing it). I’m thinking this gold leaf would be the perfect place to keep my ring whilst I’m not wearing it whilst of course adding some serious decor goals to my shelves.

3. I actually use this magazine rack for storing vinyl records! Up until recently Brett and I had boxes of records scurried away in the spare room. As soon as we clocked our eyes on this magazine rack we knew it would be perfect. It looks so cool sat on our shelves and it’s such a fun way of storing our records. I think I’ll be purchasing a few more to house our many records.

4. Ah planters! They’re so pretty aren’t they? I absolutely love this blush pink colour. The colour scheme in our living room is largely white with plenty of gold accessories. However I love subtle pops of colour to bring the room to life. I’ve not bought this yet as I can’t decide exactly where I want it to go. I know it’ll look great sat on the shelf but there is some white space underneath the shelves and I’m thinking a couple hanging down there would look sweet. Hmm. What do you guys think?

5. You can never have too many gold accessories, right? Exactly. I have a lot of clear glass vases dotted around our living room but I’m thinking a few of these gold ones would look great on the shelves. Now we’re finally entering the summer months I’m buying flowers almost every other day, I need somewhere to hold them all!

6. A shelf styling post wouldn’t be complete without a touch of marble would it? This marble plant pot is so cute, I just love it. Like I mentioned I love pops of colour around a room, especially plants! We have to be careful with the amount of flowers and plants we have around at the moment, as Casper is still so young he thinks everything is either a toy or his dinner! However, when he gets a little older I’ll almost certainly be purchasing this pot for a cute plant!

All images from the Mia Fleur website. 

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