How To Stay Organised With Quill London

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By now you guys probably all know that I am a complete stationary feind. Well today I’m here to tell you that I don’t just indulge in about 5 notebooks a month (I’m half joking) because they look pretty. No, I find a good stationary collection is the key to helping me stay organised. 
Quill London is a treasure trove of swoon worthy stationary. I’ve selected my current favourite pieces to inspire you guys to start writing lists (I love a good list) and getting o


Life Admin 

You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful notebook to stay organised and keep on top of your life admin. You know what I mean, birthdays, shopping lists, that exciting meeting you need to attend….there are so many things throughout a day that a notebook comes in handy for. You know those days when you have 101 things to do and you can’t seem to think straight? I always find having a little list of things to keep me on track helps me get through a busy day (relatively) stress free. 
This personalised notebook is such a babe, I mean who doesn’t want (need) a notebook with their initials on it? It’s so pretty it will probably inspire you to get your life in order.
If that’s not your thing then this marble notebook is just as dreamy.

Your Creative Side

This little Ideas notebook is the perfect blank canvas for all your creative thoughts. Whether it’s scribbling down blog post ideas, new recipes to try or your next travel destination, there is nothing quite like opening up a blank notebook and putting pen to paper. This blog probably wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have several trusty notebooks dotted around the place for me to jot down my ideas!
Next up is this dream BIG darling card, I think we all need a little inspiration sometimes, especially when trying to get our creative juices flowing. Pin this card up around your office or workspace for some inspiration to dream big, who knows what it might lead to?

Wedding Planning

Next up, wedding planning! I don’t know where I would have been without my trusty planner when I was getting married, it included absolutely everything from RSVPs to wedding cake tasting appointments (the best kind of appointments).
This love is in the air planner is so so beautiful. Full of all the important check lists you could need and ample room to write down notes and ideas, it’s all you need to start planning your happily ever after.
It’s so easy to forget that after the wedding and honeymoon there is still some wedding admin to get on with! Mainly, the thank you’s. Don’t let this be an afterthought with these cute blue and gold thank you cards

And of course don’t forget your other half! Your thoughts will be so wrapped up with table plans and wedding DIY it can be easy to forget the real reason you’re getting married. You don’t want to get to the morning of your wedding and realise you’ve forgotten a card for the most important person in your life. This I can’t wait to marry you card will do the trick nicely. 


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