Wednesday Words 

I swear ever since I started writing these weekly Wednesday posts the weather has been grey every single time. Sorry guys, there’s me tying to spread some cheer and the weather is all ‘Nope!’. Though I shouldn’t really be surprised, at 26 I’ve had my fair share of grey and drizzly summer days! Anyway, let me talk about a couple of things that are making me smile this week…

1. Work has finally began on our kitchen and I am overjoyed!!! We’re completely tearing out the old kitchen and replacing it with something bespoke. Brett and I have been working with our builder over the last couple of months to design our dream kitchen! When we moved into our new house we knew it was the first big job we wanted to do. The current kitchen (which is actually being ripped out as I type!) is so dated! It’s dark, dingy and the oven doesn’t work. I can’t wait to see the finished article!! I’ve made sure to take some ‘before’ snaps so I can put together a post when it’s all done! So exciting. 

2. Iced coffee. Love of my life. I am completely obsessing over iced coffee at the moment. I only discovered how much I love it last year when I was in New York (I know, I know) and now that it’s summer (apparently) I am completely indulging in them again. There’s a coffee shop at the bottom of my road who serves the BEST ever iced lattes. Dreamy. 

3. I was feeling a little blue on the way into work this morning, you know when you wake up and you’re just not feeling it. Then out of nowhere Brett and I had a little car accident. Luckily we’re both absolutely fine with no injuries, just a little shaken up (and about £100 worse off after a trip to the garage). We’re so lucky as it could have been a lot lot worse! I guess what I’m trying to say is it really put things into perspective and I soon snapped out of my little slump. 

How’s your week going? 

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