Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Inspo

My kitchen is currently an empty room with a cold concrete floor. I’m living off of takeaways and washing my dishes in the bathroom sink. Not fun. However in about a two weeks time my new kitchen should be complete! It cannot come soon enough, I’m practically giddy at the thought of it!!
In the meantime I’m scouring some of my favourite online haunts for some new kitchen accessories. I thought I’d share some of my faves with you!

This marble and wooden chopping board from is so beautiful. I don’t know if I could actually bring myself to start chopping raw chicken or slicing onions on something so pretty – but it would make a great decorative piece propped up on the worktops.

I LOVE this gold pendant light. The colour scheme for the new kitchen is white/wooden/gold so this light will be just perfect! I’ve got quite high ceilings in my house so I’m opting for lights with a bit of length to them; otherwise they can get a little lost! This is ticking all the boxes.

Brett and I are both quite big on plants at the moment. We’ve opted for some shelves on one side of our kitchen (rather than cupboards) and we’re excited to start filling them with cute little plants. I spotted this print and thought it would look just perfect on some of the blank wall space we’ll have.

Now, lets talk about these gold cooking utensils (whisk, spatula, sieves, serving spoonladle)!! I really enjoy cooking but if there is one thing that’s going to make me enjoy it even more, it’s cooking with gold utensils. They’re all just so pretty and would make such a great statement piece hanging on little kitchen rail.

How sweet is this little sugar pot? Now, one of my vices is sugary tea! I use to take two sugars until Brett weaned me down to one! I’ve tried it without and I just can’t take it. So a sugar pot is an absolute vital kitchen necessity in my eyes. The colour is just perfect and I love the pop of gold.

As I mentioned the new kitchen is going to have some open shelves in replace of cupboards. Both Brett and I are pretty big on displaying some of our fave kitchen pieces, why hide them behind cupboards? These little white rim glasses are so sweet and will look great sat on the shelves.

I don’t know about you but scissors are always the sort of thing that are lost in the back of the kitchen drawer and never see the light of day. However I’m ALWAYS looking for a pair. This gold and black pair are so stylish I would proudly put them on display and I’ll always know where they are!

Do you guys have any tips on where to buy dream kitchen accessories?

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