Wednesday Words

Hey you guys. Happy hump day. I hope you’re having a good week so far? This weather has certainly being helping hasn’t it! (I think I’ve mentioned the weather in every Wednesday Words post since I started! Soz for being so stereotypically British) Anyway, here’s what’s making me smile this week…

1. Casper is being a little naughty at the moment and keeps waking us up every morning at 4am by insesantly meowing outside our door. It’s annoying. However, as soon as we let him in he jumps straight into bed with us and gives us the biggest ever nuzzle. It’s literally the cutest thing and I just can’t be angry with him for waking us up when all he wants is a kitty cuddle! His little face is just too much!! 

2. So I know I spoke about my kitchen last week but I can’t not mention it again. On Monday it actually started to resemble a kitchen! The new units and worktops have gone in and it’s looking really REALLY lovely. I’m generally at work whilst the builder is here so it’s like a little surprise every evening when I get home to see what work has been done. I can’t wait to show you guys once it’s all finished! 

3. I’ve been reading a few books at the moment which I’m finding super inspiring! It’s really pushing me to work harder on my blog and I’m feeling pretty good about it! I’m actually in the middle of putting a post together about my current faves but just a quick shout out to Love Style Life, #girlboss & Big Magic which are all giving me such a boost. 

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