Wednesday Words


Hey guys. Happy Wednesday! It’s only a short week for me this week, I was on off work on Monday and I’m off again on Friday…who do we talk to about making 3 day weeks a permanent thing? Ha. Anyway…I’ve got an exciting few days coming up so let me tell you what’s making me smile this week. 

1. As I mentioned I’ve got an exciting weekend ahead of me…on Friday Brett and I are going to up Manchester to see The Stone Roeses. SO EXCITED!! Then on Saturday we’re popping over to Liverpool to see our good friends Jack & Gary, I haven’t seen either of them since our wedding back in September and they’ve actually gotten engaged between then and now! So a catch up is long overdue…

2. If there is one thing that is truly making me smile at the moment it’s peonies. I just can’t get enough of them. I bought a bunch from my local florist a few weeks ago and they didn’t open (sad face)  but I struck lucky with my latest bunch from the weekend – they’re so beautiful and slowly but surely creeping open. If you follow me over on insta you’ll probably see daily snaps of them! 

3. I’m really loving the new gel couture nail polish range from Essie. The quality is fantastic and the range of colours is so pretty. I’m currently wearing ‘The It Factor’ a delicious deep pink which does a great job of reminding me it is actually summer even though it’s currently 12 degrees and raining! Have you guys tried this range yet? 

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