Easy Summer Cocktails

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Mmm cocktails! Who doesn’t love a good cocktail during the summer? (Or any time of the month for that matter!)

When Nix&Kix contacted me asking if I’d like to try their range of soft drinks – perfect for making quick and easy cocktails – I jumped at the chance. Nix&Kix offer a range of delicious soft drinks with one unique flavour – chilli, cayenne to be exact! The use of chilli means that there is no need for refined sugars as the delicious flavour comes from the natural fruit juices and of course the chilli!

Whilst these can be enjoyed on their own I’m about to show you three very simple cocktail recipes you can whip up in a flash and enjoy this summer.

Cucumber & mint with a splash of gin 

If a G&T is your tipple of choice then this updated version will be right up your street. Simply add 1 measure of gin (20 cl) to your favourite glass and pour in the cucumber and mint juice. I also added some fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lime juice for a little pizzazz (it is a cocktail!) This is such a gorgeous flavour combination and the chilli comes through right at the end as a nice little surprise – Brett loved this so much he ended up stealing it from me.


Peach & vanilla with prosecco 

I absolutely love prosecco cocktails so this is my personal fave. Pour yourself a glass of prosecco and top with the peach & vanilla juice. I used about 3/4 prosecco to 1/4 juice – though you can of course adjust the measurements to your liking. I also added a sprig of rosemary to the glass to make it look pretty. If you’re thinking peach/prosecco/chilli!!!? Trust me it works! Think of this cocktail as a delicious and updated twist on a bellini.


Mango & Ginger with a splash of rum 

Whilst all three of these cocktails are perfect for a summers afternoon there is something about the vibrant mango and rum with this one that screams summer! It’s just so fun! Add 1 measure of rum (20 cl) to your glass and pour in the mango and ginger juice you can also add a few wedges of lime if you wish. The combination of mango, rum, chilli, ginger & lime will have you thinking you’re sipping this cocktail whilst laying on a Caribbean beach. It’s so delicious!


Will you be trying any of these cocktails?

These drinks were kindly sent to me by Nix&Kix

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