Wednesday Words 

Happy Wednesday folks. After a super busy weekend I’m still feeling a little tired and in much need of a few days to chill out. Thank god we’re already half way through the week. Ready for a little chat? 

1. I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post that Brett and I were heading up to Liverpool to hang out with some friends of ours. We had such a lovely time catching up over beer & pizza. There was also plenty of wedding chat as Jack and Gary are engaged! They took us round some possible venues in Liverpool and started filling us in on all their plans and ideas. So excited, I love a good wedding!

2. I’ve fallen in love with cooking again! I never really fell out of love with it…but the fact that our old kitchen was so rubbish (no oven or grill) and then work starting on our new kitchen meant it’s been hard to actually cook anything these last few months. However now our new kitchen is very nearly finished (and with a brand new oven) it feels SO good to get back in and start doing my thang! I think a cookbook haul is in order. Any recommendations? 

3. Anyone heading to Glastonbury this weekend? I’ve done it a couple of times now and I do always feel a pang of jealously this time of year when I see friends gearing up to go! But I’ve already read that it’s a mud bath and that the traffic is horrendous (11 hour queues, say wha!) …I think this year I’ll enjoy watching it cuddled up on my sofa with Brett and Casper. Who else has the same idea? 

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