Five Lush Faves

Want to see a Lush haul? Of course you do! I picked up a couple of goodies recently, some old faves and what turned out to be some new faves. I think it’s fair to say that everything I pick up in Lush could be considered a favourite, but none the less today I’m showcasing five products I’m seriously loving at the moment.

Love And Light

This is basically everything you could want in a hand cream. Love and Light is gloriously thick yet leaves behind very little trace other than exceptionally soft hands and a delightful orange scent. Yum!


I think I’m going to put it out there that Big is my favourite Lush product. It’s a sea salt shampoo that does wonders for your locks when they’re feeling a little lack lustre. Using actual chunks of sea salt it gives your hair that textured, beachy look we all crave. Plus it leaves your hair literally smelling like the sea. So dreamy.


Now the ultrabland cleanser is a bit of a funny one. It has an odd texture; thick, slightly grainy and oily…oh and it’s lacking that usual heavenly Lush scent. However IT WORKS. It is hands down my go to cleanser when my skin is having an off day. It completely melts away any traces of makeup and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and so so soft.


Oatifix is the perfect face mask for when your skin is feeling a bit sensitive/dry and in need of a little TLC. Made with bananas, oats and vanilla (please note I am not talking about a smoothie recipe) it’s so gentle yet effective! It’ll leave your skin soft, cleansed and moisturised. Not bad, eh?

Brazened Honey

My Sunday night fave! Brazened Honey is full of fresh fruit, herbs and spices designed to polish and moisture your skin, it’s a lovely little facemask to use at the end of a long week to revitalise your skin ready for the week ahead.

Not that I need any encouragement but tell me in the comments what you’re loving from Lush at the mo?

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