Three From Kiehl’s

Ah Kiehls, is there anything you can’t do? I’ve being using Kiehls products as part of my morning and evening skin care routine for a few years now and I always welcome new additions into that routine. I recently received a few products to add to my collection and they are quickly firm favourites!

Super Multi-Corrective Cream

At the grand old age of 26 I’ve started using anti-aging moisturisers. Is this some kind of milestone I should be acknowledging? If nothing else it gives me the chance to indulge in new skin care products, so that’s fine by me. In particular the super multi-corrective cream. Designed to fight the signs of aging we all want to avoid, this corrective cream is a new staple as part of my evening routine. It’s quite a thick cream so I prefer to use it at night. Come the morning my skin feels luxuriously soft and looks much brighter.

Daily Reviving Concentrate

The second I tried this I knew it was true love. A sister product to the midnight recovery concentrate oil this is a much lighter and day time friendly facial oil. If you’re sceptical about using an oil during the day then don’t be, it absorbs into the skin almost immediately leaving behind a soft and radiant complexion. I’ve only used this a couple of times but it’s already become the star of my morning skin care routine, it’s light enough for me to still apply moisturiser over the top of it and my skin feels so nourished and hydrated. Oh and if all that wasn’t enough, it has the most delightful orange scent. So dreamy!

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

As the name may suggest, this is a really intense hand cream. Created to address sever dryness it’s a rich, thick formula designed to condition and protect hands. Now I wouldn’t describe my hands as severely dry, however that doesn’t mean that I don’t benefit from such a gloriously moisturising hand cream. It’s a little too thick for me to apply throughout the day so I’ve started using it as part of my evening skin care routine, last thing at night I liberally apply it and let it do it’s thang. Come the morning my hands are so so soft and ready for the day ahead!

What are your favourite Kielh’s products?

These products were kindly gifted to me from Kiehls. All love and thoughts my own. 


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