My Ultimate Routine For Stronger Nails


It’s only been during this last year that I’ve started to really take care of my nails, I use to bite them something rotten. They were (very) short, brittle and incredibly weak. It was thanks to my wedding last September that I decided to break the biting habit and start giving my nails a little more TLC. It didn’t take long for them to get to a length I was happy with but they were still so brittle and it didn’t take much for them to break. After trying a few different products over the last few months I’ve finally found a routine that works wonders for my nails.

I tend to do this routine once every couple of weeks (especially if I’ve had a shellac or gel manicure). On clean nails I use Nail Growth Miracle Serum by Sally Hansen, I absolutely love this serum, it nourishes nails and cuticles and works to promote growth, it can also be used over polished nails which is great. Once the serum has dried I follow up with a couple of coats of  Hard As Nails another Sally Hansen gem. I think this is maybe my hero beauty product at the moment, my nails feel instantly stronger as soon as it has dried and I honestly don’t remember the last time I broke a nail (touch wood!) since I started using this! I seriously can’t recommend it enough.
I finish up with a good dollop of the Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve; a good friend of mine once told me that they key to protecting nails is a good hand cream and I couldn’t agree more. I tend to use this cream at night because it’s so thick and it’s when I’ve got the time to sit and let it dry into my hands but throughout the day I use Love And Light from Lush, which is much lighter and more convenient to use when sat at my desk.

And taddah, that’s all it takes, a few simple products and my nails have never looked better!
What are your tips for stronger, healthier nails?

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