Workwear Picks

When it comes to dressing for the office I don’t really have a seperate workwear wardrobe. I buy what I like and if it’s ‘office appropriate’ then I’ll wear it to work. However I know there are a lot of people out there who struggle when it comes to dressing for a 9-5 job. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a pair of plain black trousers and some simple tops if that’s what you’re into, there is also absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your style round the office! The majority of us spend 5 out of 7 days at work, why would we want to save our ‘best’ clothes for the weekend? Amirite?

I’ve shared some pieces that I’m absolutely going to be wearing, both outside of work and around the office over these next few months (Autumn, I’m ready for you!)

These dogtooth culottes are gorgeous, I already own some dogtooth trousers but I don’t own any culottes…so y’know, needs a must!
Now let’s talk about all that blush, I’m in a bit of a blush love affair at the moment, first up these pretty peg trousers from Topshop, so cute and so versatile.
I also absolutely adore this pink jumper, I’m normally a navy jumper gal but this little pink number is a great alternative!
These shoes from Topshop may be my number one lust item at the moment, they are absolutely beautiful and so fun.
Now part of me thinks this zara blouse looks a little bit like a pyjama top (which is probably why I’m drawn to it) but I think it’s so pretty, such a gorgeous relaxed piece, I can see myself wearing this a lot during the autumn months.
I don’t think I’ve ever put together a wish list and not included some form of leopard print, a leopard print skirt is an absolute staple for me.
Now I’m not really one for wearing heels but when I do feel like it this pair from Topshop will be my absolute number one choice!
Last up, a slightly updated version of the classic white shirt, this cute patterned blouse from Reiss is just perfect.

I hope this wish list has shown you how easy it is incorporate your style into your office wear but if you’re still not quite sure I’ve shared some tips below:

My Top Three Tips For Dressing For The Office

1) Don’t go shopping for a workwear wardrobe. If you do chances are you’ll come back with plain, boring pieces that will never see the light of day once the weekend rolls around. Go and have a look at what you’ve currently got in your wardrobe and chances are you’ll be able to piece together several outfits that will work around the office.

2) That being said, keep in mind any workplace rules! Most offices have a few rules (no shorts or denim in my office!) and it’s not worth turning up to work only being told to go home and change…

3) I’ve mentioned this above but I’ll reiterate it, embrace your style! If you’re a leopard print lover (ahem) then why not wear a leopard print skirt of blouse to work? So long as you look appropriate and you’re not flashing your bits, then go for it!

How do you decide what to wear to work?




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