Beauty Wish List



So I have a list of beauty products I keep on my phone and I’m constantly updating it, whenever I read a great review or try a sample of something I add it to the list to buy at a later date.
I thought I’d share with you some of the products which are currently sitting top of that list.

I popped into Kiehl’s a couple of weeks ago and had my skin tested, I was told I had fairly normal skin it’s just a little dehydrated. I was recommended the Hydro Plumping serum and took away a sample with me and I LOVED it. It left my skin feeling so hydrated and crazy soft. I can’t wait to purchase this little dream boat.

Sticking with Kiehl’s I have seen so many people raving about this Energizing Radiance Masque. You guys know by now that I’m a massive Kiehls fan so I really can’t wait to try this, I’ve used a couple of their masques before and they never disappoint!

I bought a travel Bumble and Bumble Surf set a few months ago, it included the Surf Shampoo and I loved it from the very first use. It left my hair feeling SO clean. Y’know sometimes shampoos can leave a slight residue behind? Well this really does leave hair feeling squeaky clean. So good.

Now I’m a massive fan of the Oksia Renaissance Cleansing Gel so it seems a fairly safe bet that the Oskia Renaissance Mask will live up to my expectations, I’ve not read a bad review of this luxurious mask so it’s a definite ‘must buy’ for me!

The older I get the more attention I’ve started giving my eyes, this Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Life is designed to moisture, tighten and brighten the delicate under eye area – just what I’m after!

What’s on your beauty wish list?


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