Sunday Morning Chat – Hello September

Happy Sunday you guys. I’m spending my morning with plenty of tea and avocado on toast (with radishes and sea salt to be precise).
So I’m sure by now, a whopping four days into the month, you will have seen everyone tweeting, gramming and blogging about the fact that we have crept into September (it seems to be the blogger month of choice?)
Well I’m afraid I’m going to be adding to that cliche, but I think I have a pretty good reason to as September is my first wedding anniversary month! I can’t believe this time last year I would have been frantically sorting out last minute wedding details and rearranging table plans for the 100th time, it has honestly flown by. 

To celebrate the occasion Brett and I are heading down to Buckinghamshire in a couple of weeks for a relaxing mini break. It’s an area of the U.K. I’ve never really explored before so I’m very much looking forward to it. Our actual anniversary, the 19th, will be spent at The Hand And Flowers (two michelin star!) restaurant which I am so so excited for. We’ve had it booked for about 9 months (it books up crazy far in advance) and I think I must swoon over the menu at least once a week. I’ve actually never eaten at a michelin star restaurant before so it seems appropriate to do so for something as special as a first wedding anniversary, don’t ya think?  

Do you have any exciting plans for the month ahead? 

One thought on “Sunday Morning Chat – Hello September

  1. (Future) Congrats on your first anniversary! If possible, please do a review of the restaurant/food. As for my September… Lots of job applications and networking events for me, as I just recently graduated from university. All the best for your September!

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