Five Wedding Day Memories 

With my first wedding anniversary coming up (in just 6 days) I’ve being thinking a lot about the day recently. It was honestly the best day of my life and I would re live it in a heartbeat if I could. Alas, I can’t! So instead I’m going to share with you my five favourite memories from the day.

We decided to spend the night before the wedding day together. We woke up at the crack of dawn and savoured a few precious hours of normality together before the excitement of the day crept up on us. We walked down Redchurch street (Shoreditch) and ducked into Albion for some fresh coffee and pastries to fuel us for the day ahead. Walking the quiet streets of the east end as the autumn sun warmed up around us was the perfect way to start our day.

Now to say I was stressed in the run up to the wedding day is an understatement. However once the day arrived I didn’t feel the need to stress, the day was already here, what more could I do? There was a point during the morning when I was getting my hair and make up done, my bridesmaids, parents and in laws were flapping behind me. I remember looking out the window and in that moment I just felt so calm, relaxed and happy, it was like nothing else mattered. I was just so so excited to be marrying Brett.

Music was a massive part of our day, we spent hours and hours putting together a play list that represented the two of us. We chose The Ramones Baby I Love You to walk up the isle to after the ceremony and spent so many nights listening to the song imaging what it would be like to be hearing it as man and wife. Walking hand in hand up the isle with the Ramones playing around us a memory I’ll never forget.

We decided to forgo traditional wedding speeches and instead opted to do a ‘pub quiz’ all about us and our relationship. We put so much time and effort into it and honestly we were a little worried whether we would pull it off or not. I’m so pleased to say it was a complete hit! It was the funniest part of the day and it was so overwhelming seeing all our hard way pay off.

Now let’s talk about the wedding night. No, not like that! Although Brett and I made sure we spent as much time together as we could throughout the day there was of course a constant buzz of friends, family and photographers around us. Come the wedding night it was so nice to have some alone time to relive the day. We sat up talking for hours about our favourite parts, how pleased we were with how well it went and not wanting the day to end.

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