Dreamy Moisturising Body Oil

Ahh stretch marks, there are so many lotions and potions on the market promising all sorts, isn’t there? It can be a little over whelming as a first time mum, who do you listen to? Which magic remedy is going to work for you? Well although I’m only 27 weeks pregnant, so by no means an expert, I learnt pretty early on that there is no magic cure out there….if stretch marks are going to happen, they’re going to happen and there isn’t a great deal you can do about it. Tough ride, eh?

That’s not to say that we can’t still pamper our bumps, if there is ever a time to pamper ourselves it’s whilst pregnant, hell we deserve it. I’ve been lucky enough (touch wood I’m not jinxing myself here) not to get stretch marks…yet, however from time to time my bump can feel a little tight and itchy! My remedy for this is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise; it will soothe any sore stretch marks you do have and relieve an itchy bump.

My go to at the moment is Kukui Oil Radiant Glow Body Oil by Connock London. As I’ve mentioned above, it will not prevent stretch marks, in fact it’s not even marketed towards pregnant woman however it’s a super hydrating oil which soothes dryness and leaves skin feeling oh so soft, plus it smells like an absolute dream. It will transport you to an exotic beach far far away even though in reality you’ll probably be applying it knackered, in bed with a mug of decaf tea at 8pm because…pregnancy.

You can find this dreamy body oil at My Showcase who currently have an offer on where if you buy any two Connock London products you’ll receive a free hand cream worth £15!

This post is in collaboration with My Showcase – however all thoughts my own.
Cannock London have advised that all their products (including the Kukui Oil Radiant Glow Body Oil) are safe to be used during pregnancy, however if you have any queries about their products please contact the manufacturer directly or gain medical advice. 

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