Pregnancy Pro’s & Con’s

So I’m currently 35+2 weeks pregnant and enjoying my first few days of maternity leave. Despite the grim weather at the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying spending some time at home and relaxing before the baby arrives.
I honestly can’t believe how quickly these last 8 months have gone and having this extra time on my hands has given me a chance to think back over my pregnancy. A question I’ve been asked a lot and I’m sure most pregnant women get asked is ‘Will you miss being pregnant?’ There are certainly aspects I’ll miss but on the whole I’m not sure I will to be honest.
I’ve had a little think over the pro’s and con’s I’ve experienced so far…

The Pros’s 

Feeling your baby move
This has got to be the ultimate pro, I was quite lucky and felt my little one move from about 17 weeks, I remember the day it was first strong enough for me and Brett to actually see him make a ripple across my tummy. There are no words to describe it and I’m sure it’s going to take some getting use to not feeling him move once he’s arrived!

Everyone being super nice you
Not that folk are generally not nice to me of course but there is something so lovely about strangers congratulating you in coffee shops and giving up their seat on public transport. Still, let’s hope when I’m struggling with a pram people will still be as nice…

Telling People
I absolutely loved telling people I was pregnant for the first time! It’s such a special time in your life and being able to share the wonderful news with your nearest and dearest is so so lovely.

Not Changing The Cat Litter Tray
Due to toxoplasmosis (that can be found in cat poo) it’s advisable that pregnant women avoid changing the litter tray…so sorry Brett, for 9 months that’s your job!

Eating Whatever You Like
If there is one time in your life you can eat what you like without feeling guilty (not that you should ever feel guilty for enjoying your food!!) it’s whilst your pregnant. It’s far more important that baby is getting all the nutrients he needs than worrying about whether you’ll put on a few pounds….because you’re pregnant and you WILL put on weight. Of course you need to keep your diet healthy and varied but there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging a little whilst pregnant….hell we deserve it!

The Con’s 

Before I get into this I want to start off saying how lucky I am to be pregnant, I fell pregnant very quickly and bar a few hiccups I’ve had a relatively straight forward pregnancy, my heart goes out to those who struggle to conceive and to those who have complications during their pregnancy.
That being said there is no taking away from the fact that sharing your body with another little person for 9 months is hard work…

Morning Sickness
Should be called ‘every minute of every day sickness’ I suffered quite badly and survived on a diet of chips, crisps, bread & water for the first 12 weeks. I shouldn’t complain as I know some women suffer throughout their entire pregnancy. I was last sick at exactly 12 weeks, on Christmas Day, so I really was quite textbook.

Back Ache
Now this is where I really pulled the short straw. Whilst I’ve suffered with the generic pregnancy aches & pains I actually ended up with a trapped joint in my pelvis & inflamed ligaments, several trips to a chiropractor later I’m finally on the mend but it really was bloody painful at the time and and prevented me from doing the most simple of tasks.

Not Drinking
If I’m  being honest this hasn’t bothered me all that much, I’m not really a big drinker and of course the health benefits of steering clear during pregnancy are obvious! However I did have a few moments of stamping my feet, particularly around Christmas whilst those around me were drinking cocktails and fizz. Hopefully not too much longer to go until I’ll be able to celebrate with a glass of champaign!

We all know that around the time of the month hormones can play havoc with our skin, well when you’re pregnant these hormones are 100 times worse. I suffered with what can only be described as full blown acne. It was at it’s worst during the first trimester but still flared up during my second….now i’m nearing the end of my pregnancy it has more or less gone but I am left with some acne scaring. If you’re currently struggling with your skin you can read all about my top tips here.

Not Sleeping
I naively thought it was only parents who suffered sleepless nights but it would appear that those sleepless nights start during pregnancy. I’ve had trouble sleeping from very early on due to painful hips, breathlessness and an ever growing bump getting in the way, still at least when I’m awake in the night and Brett is sound asleep next to me I have my little babe wriggling around to keep me company.

So there we have it, pregnancy certainly has been an interesting journey but I am so so ready to meet my little babe now. Roll on July……!

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