A Nursery Tour

So today is Sunday 9th July, aka my due date!

I was well prepared for this date to come and go without meeting our little babe (though it is only 8am in the morning so I’m not giving up hope just yet) but I can’t pretend I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen today.

Of course with it being due date everything in the house is prepped and ready for our new little arrival, including the nursery! Although I’ve shared a lot of pics on my instagram I thought it’d be fun to put together a little blog post going into a bit more detail about it all.

Although by the time Brett and I started planning the nursery we knew the sex of baby (a little boy) we didn’t really let that impact the interior choices we made. I’d never judge anyone else but the whole ‘blue for a boy & pink for a girl’ thing isn’t really for us.
Instead we were keen on a neutral palette and adding in pops of colour with accessories and prints.
The nursery is such a bright, airy room so we really embraced that with stripped back floors, white walls and natural wooden furniture.

Rainbow Mobile – Oskoe  ~ Goodnight Print – Desenio ~ Wooden Wall Hooks – La Variete ~

I had my heart set on a round cot after seeing so many beautiful designs when browsing Pinterest for ideas. Whilst the nursery is a generous size it’s a bit of a higgledy piggledy layout so I figured a round cot would fit the space so much better and give us a bit more freedom when deciding the layout of the room.
After some research there was no question that the Stokke Sleepi Bed was the one for us, not only is it a gorgeous design it actually adapts as baby grows meaning no need to splurge out on toddler beds etc. It looks absolutely stunning and fits the aesthetic of the nursery to a T!
We’ve also opted for a Ewan The Dream Sheep, I think every person I’ve spoken to with children has recommended this to me! I’m crossing my fingers it lives up to the hype.

I knew I wanted a rocking chair for the nursery but didn’t quite know what I wanted. That was until I stumbled across this gorgeous rattan chair on La Redoute (I purchased it immediately!). Not only does the wood compliment the cot and the floor, it’s also ridiculously comfortable.
I’ve also read that rocking chairs are great for women in labour…I’ll report back on that one!

We already had this gorgeous wooden desk in the nursery and because we didn’t really have anywhere else for it to go decided to fashion it into a baby changing station. Plus if I’m honest I’m not really into traditional baby changing stations so this worked so much better for us! With the addition of this bright baby changing mat and gorgeous wooden storage box it soon looked the part.
As I mentioned, we wanted to add colour to the room using prints, the three pictured above are all from a company called East End Prints; they have so many gorgeous designs for both children and adults. Warning – you’ll lose hours browsing the website!

Since we went for white walls, we were both set on having some sort of feature wall and quickly settled on polka dots (again thanks to lots of Pinterest browsing!). I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly where these are from but if you search for ‘polka dot decals’ on Etsy there will be plenty to chose from.
I’m not going to lie it took us a good few hours to work out the pattern and get all the correct measurements but it was well worth the effort in the end, I’m so pleased with the result!

For storage we have some simple white & glass ikea shelves which were actually already in this room, however we decided to keep them as they’re perfect for storing and showcasing little knick knacks.
Whilst we have all the new born necessities, if there is one thing we are lacking it’s toys! We have a few little bits including these gorgeous animal stacking toys from a lovely little website called Sarah and Bendrix, but we’re holding off getting too much until he’s actually arrived and is old enough to make use of them.

Finally I want to include this gorgeous mint green play mat, we have wooden floors all throughout our house so a play mat was absolutely key for us so baby has somewhere soft to lay! Not only is it practical it’s such a gorgeous piece and looks really great in the nursery.

I’m making the most of the nursery looking so organised & tidy as I’m sure once our little guy arrives it won’t stay that way for much longer.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’d love to know some of your fave baby brands!

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