New Mum Skincare Treats

As a new mum it’s so much harder than I thought it would be to indulge in a little pampering. Whilst I’m still managing the quickest skincare routine in the mornings anything more than the basics is proving to be a little bit of a struggle! However there are a few pieces in my skincare collection that are helping me feel a little more human!

First up Pixi Peel & Polish, this is a quick fix peel treatment that can be used morning or evening. It just requires 2 minutes before it’s ready to be rinsed off and you’ll be left with incredibly soft, smooth skin. When time is precious and the window to get yourself ready is very slim this gem is the perfect little treat.

Next up is Cup O’ Coffee from Lush. I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about this before but now I’m a mum I’ve found a whole new love for it! When I’m bleary eyed after a night of broken sleep there is nothing better than a quick coffee scrub to wake me up. I use this on my face & body most mornings and it’s the perfect pick me up to set me up for the day ahead.

The following two products were kindly sent to me from Rooi; a lovely little lifestyle website offering a whole host of goodies. I’m a big fan of the Meraki brand so was over the moon to be sent a couple of treats from their range.

Now I usually wash my cleanser off with a muslin cloth, however after using muslins non stop these past few weeks to mop up milk & baby sick it was such a nice change to use this gorgeous Organic Sponge! I’d never normally think of using a sponge for fear of it being too harsh but this is perfect and actually suited to sensitive skin! I’m a complete convert and happy to lay off the muslins for a while…..

Finally this gorgeous little Seasame Scrub Soap is absolutely ideal when you’re spending 90% of your day changing nappies! I honestly wish you guys could smell this, it’s heavenly and just about takes the edge off all those nappy changes.

Do you have any new mum beauty staples?

As mentioned the Meraki products were kindly gifted to me from Rooi; however as ever all thoughts my own! 

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