My Newborn Staple – The Snüz Pod 

Before Wren was here I was a little blasé about where he would sleep. Despite the recommendations from the NHS that baby is best off in your room for the first 6 months I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Eventually we did settle on setting up the cot in our room and having Wren in with us. This was until our cot arrived and although it’s not the biggest in the world – it just wasn’t going to work in our bedroom without making getting around a real ordeal for Brett and I! We were back to square one…not knowing what we would do.

This was until I was contacted asking if I wanted to review the Snüz Pod – a small bedside crib which seemed to answer all our prayers. I had seen these advertised before but for some reason completely disregarded the idea! However as soon as it arrived I was immediately in love!

First of all it’s slim line enough that it tucks up beside your bed without causing any inconvenience and it looks great! It’s such a gorgeous piece of furniture and comes in a variety of colours so you can ensure it matches the decor of your bedroom; baby or no baby these things are still important, amirite?

I loved it before Wren arrived but as soon as he was here and we had him home I honestly can’t tell you how happy I was we had something that meant Wren would be close by during the night. It makes me laugh now thinking how blasé about it I was at first but there is no way I would want him further away than an arms reach!

Now a few weeks in, it’s honestly my newborn staple. I’m breastfeeding and having Wren next to me during the night means there is very little disruption to both of us whilst feeding. I can simply lift him out, let him feed, then pop him back without even having to get out of bed! With so little disruption he settles more or less as soon as he’s back in the Snüz Pod, if he does stir then a little rocking from me soon sends him off, in fact there is a video below showing just how quickly being rocked works for Wren, he really does love it.
There is also the option of removing one of the sides so you have instant access during the night. It’s perfect for co sleeping with the added reassurance that baby is still in his own safe little space.

Another reason the Snüz Pod is such a staple for me is that the top bed detaches from the frame meaning it can be used as a little portable crib; this has been an absolute lifesaver in terms of space saving. It completely eliminates the need for another crib. I love having it in the living room so I can watch Wren sleep whilst catching up on Eastenders or pottering about trying to tidy up!

If, like I was, you’re a little undecided about where your new little babe will sleep once they arrive then I can’t recommend the Snüz Pod enough! I now can’t imagine using anything else for both convenience and offering reassurance by having your babe close to you.

This post is in collaboration with Bump Pr & Snüz Pod – of course all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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