4 Instagram Mamas

If there is one thing I’m grateful to Instagram for it’s the amount of lovely and inspiring people I’ve come across over the years but even more so since falling pregnant and joining the motherhood gang!
I’m a big fan of taking part in ‘Follow Friday’ where I give a little shout out to some accounts I’m particularly loving but today, I thought I’d take it one step further and talk a little more around why the following four lovelies will always be favourites of mine…

Hunters & Heels

I’ve followed Lauren, the beauty behind Hunters & Heels for a good few years now and it’s so wonderful seeing her family grow! Mama to two young boys, Ollie & Rory and step-mama to the gorgeous Archie, Lauren’s blog & Instagram are full to the brim of all things motherhood.
Throughout my pregnancy I used Lauren’s blog as a bit of a bible, there are countless posts I lapped up for inspiration, reassurance and useful nuggets of advice that you only get from a mother of 3 young boys. She’s honestly one of the loveliest mamas out there and you wont regret following along and getting swept up in her beautiful boys antics and idyllic family life.

Fave Blog Post
Newborn Essentials (And Other Lovely Things) 

3 Reasons To Follow @huntersandheels
Cosy family life in Herefordshire
Updates of her beautiful boys
The best Bobbi Brown make up & beauty tips

This Is Jules

You know there are some people whose voice you could listen to all day (looking at you David Attenborough) well that’s how I feel about Jules writing.
She has a way with words that just makes you want to keep on reading, especially when it comes to posts about her beautiful son, Oscar. I’ve being enjoying her blog for some time now but I’ve really fallen in love with it since Wren arrived. There have been countless nights where I’ve been up doing the 3am feed and reading Jules blog has almost been like a little comfort blanket keeping me going. As if that wasn’t enough you’ll be hard pressed to find an Instagram grid as pretty as hers and the lady in question is honestly as lovely as can be.

Fave Blog Post
Letters To Oscar – Two Years Of You

3 Reasons To Follow @thisisjules
The prettiest floral arrangements
Her beautiful son Oscars curls
Snapshots of the lovely Yorkshire countryside

Morgan Alice Beauty

Morgan Alice gave birth to her beautiful baby girl exactly 2 months and 1 day before I gave birth to Wren. We shared around 5 months of pregnancy together and as she was 2 months ahead of me she was often on hand with helpful tips and advice for surviving some of pregnancies more challenging ailments.
As a first time mum, Morgan Alice shares some insightful posts on those wonderful but tough first few weeks of motherhood, it’s posts like this that make others going through similar experiences feel like they’re not alone which is why she is undoubtably one of my favourite online mamas.

Fave Blog Post
Meet Alice – Her Birth Story

3 Reasons To Follow @morganalicebeauty
Beautiful baby girl outfits
Pretty snapshots of her home
Dreamy beauty inspiration

Mikela Anderson 

My favourite thing about Mikela, mama to two young boys, is she’s not afraid to keep things real in a world where people only ever want to show their best self. Hop on over to her insta-stories and you’ll find her chatting away to you with unwashed hair and not a scrap of make up on, it’s incredibly reassuring to this first time mum over here who sometimes doesn’t leave her bed until midday! For that reason alone I love following Mikela, but there is so much more…she is an absolute babe with a body to die for and I’m forever envious of her wardrobe, she has this relaxed mama style down to a T!

Fave Blog Post
Evening Skincare Routine

3 Reasons To Follow @mikelaanderson
For always keeping it real
Beautiful Jersey beaches
Post pregnancy fitness inspiration

8 thoughts on “4 Instagram Mamas

  1. JESS! Thank you so much you lovely person you! Totally made my day to read somthing so very nice about myself on a day I’m really not feeling that great! So thank you! So very glad to have found you through this little portal on the internet ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Jess! What a gorgeous surprise, thank you so much!! How absolutely lovely to read this and what an honour to be among these three wonderful mamas. Your words here made me tear up a bit! You know I love too right? Hope we get to hang out in real life one day soon xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JESS!!! Oh I love you girl! Totally made me blub reading this and it means so much more coming from a beautiful lady that I really admire too! Thank you so much! Can we have coffee and chat Motherhood and Bobbi Brown soon!! Love you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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