How to entertain a newborn baby

Before Wren was born one of my biggest questions about looking after a newborn was how on earth do you entertain them?

I’d been told during my antenatal class that although newborns eat & sleep for large chunks of the day there are still a few moments where the reason they’re a little grizzly or crying is because they’re a bit bored and want some playtime! This is especially true as babies get a little older. Wren is 2 months old now and he loves playtime. We’re slowly piecing together a routine of, feeding, napping, playtime….of course with nappies changes and bouts of crying in between.

Now with a newborn most of their play will involve you interacting with them as they’re far too young to do so themselves. If you’re expecting or have a newborn and you’re not quite sure where to start I though I’d share with you what I’ve learnt over the last 9 weeks.

Black & White….Anything!

A newborn babies vision is still very blurry and they can’t focus too well on things so contrasting  black & white images are brilliant to entertain them. You’ll be able to find a load of black & white books on Amazon for a really low price but we actually got given some for free from our antenatal class & health visitor so it’s worth finding out if you can too.

From as little as 3 days old Wren was fascinated with staring at black & white patterns. It really holds his attention and it’s so good for his development too!

My lovely mum also made Wren this black and white mobile which he can’t get enough of! He’ll happily lay in his bed cooing over it, well long enough for me to grab a shower at least! It took her a couple of hours but it was relatively simple. If you want to give it a go yourself then everything you need can be found here; pom poms, wooden mobile frame & string.


A babies hearing is almost fully developed at birth so sounds are a great way to entertain them. I have a few rattles for Wren which he loves to watch and follow as I move them around. He’s a little too young to hold them himself but I’m sure in the next few months he’ll no longer need me to wave them around for him! My two favoruites are this gorgeous grey bunny rattle and this lovely little wooden rattle.


Other than black & white patterns I never really thought books would entertain young babies but Wren LOVES books. His absolute favourite is this Baby Faces book which I would recommend to anyone, it’s full of babies pulling lots of different faces and Wren will sit staring at it, smiling and talking away for ages. It absolutely melts my heart and I’m hoping it’s going to cement his love of books when he’s a little older!

Baby Gym

Now that Wren is becoming more alert and active during the day we introduced a baby gym a couple of weeks ago. He loves to stare up at the toys and he very clumsily waves his arms around in a bid to reach for the toys…he’s not quite there yet but it’s brilliant practice for his hand eye coordination.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, as ever thanks for stopping by!

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