Wren – Three Months Of You 

It was around this time last year I fell pregnant with Wren, i’m not 100% sure on the dates but it was mid October. Today (as of 1:22 this morning) Wren is 3 months old.
It’s bizarre to think that in the space of 1 year I’ve fallen pregnant, grown and carried a baby and now have a 3 month old son. In some ways it feels like he’s always been part of our lives yet in other ways everything still feels so new as we get to know this tiny little human.

The 3 month mark has been a bit of a milestone in my mind, during those early days where its felt like I had no idea what I was doing a lot of people comforted me saying things start to fall into place and feel a little easier at around 3 months. I guess I’ll have to report back on whether that is the case or not but regardless it feels like the right time to look back over the last few months. Now that the nights are drawing in, there’s an unmistakable chill in the air and leaves on the ground, that balmy summers day back in July when Wren was born seems like a million years ago…

0-3 weeks

I’ve attempted to write this sentence several times now but I just can’t find the words to describe those first few weeks with a newborn. Complete and utter elation. Exhaustion. Emotional. Overwhelmed. In love. All consuming. Chaotic. Precious. Magical. Surreal. Dazed. Happy. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s absolutely true that nothing can prepare you for the moment you become parents. It’s a very weird feeling leaving the house as a two and returning as a three. Brett and I often talk about those first few weeks with Wren. Days spent doing every nappy change together to ensure it was done properly, eating our tea in bed watching Wren sleep, too afraid to leave him and countless nights where Brett would pace up and down the stairs during the middle of the night with our precious little babe propped up on his shoulder trying to get him to sleep. 

Those first 3 weeks passed by in such a rapid blur and thinking back now actually make me realise how far we’ve come in 3 months and how much Wren has changed! 

3-6 weeks

Brett went back to work when Wren was 3 weeks old so the loose routine we had was blown out of the water and I had to start again and learn how to manage as a 2. I remember feeling sheer panic when I heard Brett close the front door as he left for work on that first day. I felt like I’d relied on Brett so much when he was home I was really worried I wouldn’t cope on my own. Of course I was fine and actually had quite a successful first day! Not all days have been easy and during those first couple of weeks alone there were one or two occasions where I got to the end of the day without even managing to brush my teeth. 

2 months

It was around this time I started to feel like I knew what I was doing (if any of us really know what we’re doing?) That’s not to say things were easy but we did start to settle into a routine and days without brushing my teeth or hair were behind me!
It was at 2 months that Wrens personality really started to shine through! He was becoming much more animated and alert and the very best thing of all, he treated us to his first smile! One flash of that gummy little smile and every sleepless night or difficult day was quickly forgotten. As well as smiles he also mastered the pet lip at this age and would pull the saddest little face whenever he wasn’t happy about something, particularly nappy changes! This little babe was really starting to let us know his likes and dislikes and it was so wonderful to watch. 

3 months

So now here we are at 3 months. It’s scary how much Wren has changed over the last 3 months, particularly this last month. He is now so full of smiles, Brett says he saves his biggest smiles for me which I’m (not so) secretly thrilled about.
He has his favourite books & toys which he’ll happily coo over. His little eyes follow me round the room and during this last week or so he has learnt how to grab and hold onto things.

Do things feel easier? Sort of, but I think that’s because over these last three months we’ve settled into life with Wren.

I’m already starting to see flashes of independence from him, he’s no longer a fragile newborn, his grasp is strong and he can support his head completely unaided. It’s a bittersweet feeling to see him growing so quickly but I’m so lucky to call this sweet little boy mine and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring.


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