Christmas Gift Guide – Mamas To Be

Welcome to the 4th part of my Christmas gift guide! Today is all about gifts for Mamas To Be. Whether you’re expecting yourself or have a pregnant friend and you’re not sure what to buy her this Christmas then don’t fret, I’ve rounded up the best gifts out there for Mamas To Be, let’s get started….

Now there isn’t a pregnant woman on the planet who doesn’t enjoy a pamper in the bath. Carrying a little person really does take it out of you so a soak in the bath does wonders for an achy body, this Laura Mercier body scrub makes a wonderful addition to any bath.
The fantastic How To Grow A Baby book should be on every pregnant women’s Christmas list. It’s the perfect read to sit down and enjoy over the festive period.
I never knew about Seedlip, a delicious non alcoholic spirit when I was pregnant but I wish I did as it’s a sure fire way to spice up those festive mocktails.
I included some dreamy gin truffles in my previous post but alas these gorgeous sea salt caramel truffles will make the sweetest gift for a mama to be!
Next up this beautiful Night candle from The White Company will make those cosy winter evenings at home that little bit more special.
Now this next gift is a pretty special one; Birthday Letters To My Baby is a stunning book allowing you to record a letter for the first 18 years of your little ones life (making for one very emotional 18th birthday present down the line). This is such a gorgeous gift to an expecting mama!
This pretty little floral robe will make any women feel their best, a must when your belly is twice the size it once was and you can’t see your feet!
Next up this sweet stalk biscuit makes a lovely little stocking filler for a mama to be.
Finally this nourishing oil will work wonders on a growing bump and can then be used on a newborns delicate skin once baby arrives.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.20.15           Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.37.35                        Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.43.26

Laura Mercier Body Scrub // How To Grow A Baby // Non-Alcoholic Spirit // Sea Salt Caramel Truffles // The White Company Candle // Birthday Letters Book // Floral Robe // Stalk Biscuit // Nourishing Oil

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s guide…Gifts For Dads

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