5 Reasons Why January isn’t that bad

Happy New Year you lovely lot, you!
I think most of us wake up in January with the cold realisation that the festivities are over for another year, the weather is still drab for a good few months and really it’s just a bit of a rubbishy month.
But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom so I’m here with 5 reasons why January isn’t actually all that bad…

1) There is nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new year! Whether or not you believe in making new years resolutions or declaring ‘new year new me’…there is something refreshing about entering a new year. A fresh start. A new chapter. A whole year ahead of you to make memories with.

2) There are still plenty of cosy evenings to enjoy! I’ll admit that once Christmas is over for another year, dark cold evenings aren’t quite as charming but who says that just because it’s January we can’t embrace the cosy? I’ve still got far too much chocolate and new pyjamas to enjoy and I’m going to make the most of it whilst I still can.

3) And if you really dislike the winter that much…spring really is just around the corner…the shortest day was December 21st so from now on the days are getting longer and brighter. We’ll be seeing cherry blossom on our Instagram feeds in no time!

4) I’m sure I’m not the only one who leaves their christmas presents piled up on the bedroom floor for about a week after christmas day am I? Come January I love finding new homes for everything. Reorganising my shelves to make room for new candles. Sorting through my make up collection and adding in my new bits. I just love a sort out and a declutter!

5) I’ve received a new diary every year for as long as I can remember. Come January I love sitting down and filling it out. Jotting down birthdays, making plans for the year ahead, visits from friends afar, holidays, weekend breaks. It’s the perfect activity to brush away the January blues and get excited for the year ahead.

What’re you up to this January?

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