January Picks – Babies/Children’s Clothing

When it comes to dressing Wren I’m a big fan of the highstreet, I’m always super impressed with the babies/children sections and often find myself idly browsing online looking for new pieces to kit out his ever growing wardrobe. I’ve decided to share my favourite pieces each month and show you guys what I’m loving, too.

So here we are in January, it’s always a bit of a funny month isn’t it? There’s still at least two solid months of winter left yet with Christmas over and done with we’re all looking forwards to the first hopeful signs of Spring.
My January picks represent this, cosy knits to see our babes through the winter months with a few florals reminding us that Spring really isn’t that far off…

jan picks1.jpg

1. Denim Dungarees 2. Floral Babygrow 3. Fluffy Sweatshirt 4. Rustic Knit Dungarees 5. Duffle Coat 6. Moon & Stars Sleepsuit 7. Polka Dot Trousers 8. Pink Dungarees 9. Floral Dungarees 

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