21 Things All parents do

Since becoming a mama I’ve quickly learnt that there are things I do as a parent I never thought I would.
I never thought I would savour a hot cup of tea the way I do (frankly I was naive enough before having Wren to think of course there will be time for a cup of tea) and they’ve been a few days where, although vowing to never let my baby watch tv, it’s been my best friend in my hour of need!

Anyway, here are 21 things that I’m pretty sure all you parents out there are able to relate to…

1) You will deliberately take a few minutes longer on the loo when your friend is downstairs holding the baby.

2) You’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery when you have a stretch of 5 hours solid sleep.

3) You will wake up in the middle of the night, realise it’s 3am and the baby hasn’t woke yet and immediately rush over to their bed to check on them.

4) You won’t know what to do with yourself when your baby takes an unexpected 3 hour nap in the middle of the day.

5) You will learn which are the creaky floorboards to avoid after you’ve put baby down to nap and do a half walk half dance out of the room.

6) You’ll try your very hardest not to talk about your precious babe on date night but end up doing so anyway.

7) A hot cup of tea will feel like the ultimate luxury.

8) You’ll become extremely skilled at eating pretty much any meal with just one hand.

9) In fact you’ve become extremely skilled at doing most things one handed.

10) You’ll agonise over which of the 800 photos of your sleeping baby to delete when your phone storage is full….

11) And you will feel guilty when you finally decide which photos to delete.

12) You will decide to take the long route home from the supermarket when you’ve got a sleeping baby in the car…

13) And drive around your block several times for good measure too.

14) You’ll whoop with joy when your little one finally does a poo after not going for a couple of days.

15) You will throw several baby grows away before even attempting to wash out the giant yellow stain up the back.

16) You’ll long for a few hours to yourself but politely decline babysitting offers as you’re not quite ready to be away from your little on yet.

17) No matter how much you told yourself you wouldn’t be one of those parents who resorts to tv…you’ll find yourself reaching for baby TV when you need some precious time to go to the loo or make a cup of tea!

18) You’ll find yourself politely smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside when another parent says their baby never cries.

19) You’ll realise that special outfit you were saving for your little one is now far too tight and should’ve been worn about 2 months ago.

20) You will find a milk/sick/poo splodge a few hours into wearing an outfit you could’ve sworn was clean.

21) And finally you’ll wonder how it’s possible to love another little person so much it feels like your heart is going to explode when they so much as look at you.

2 thoughts on “21 Things All parents do

  1. Oh gosh, the extra long loo break! So true. We’ve had a couple of those heart-stopping moments at 3am when we realise he’s not woken up – I’m always torn between going and checking that he’s alive and leaving him be so I don’t wake him up! I’m still angling for one of those three hour long naps, though – Ben only likes to sleep for half an hour at a time! Although I’m sure I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if he did sleep that long…

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