Wren – 6 Months Of You

Wren is 6 months old today! Six months!!
I posted all about the first three months of life with Wren back in October and I can’t quite believe that I’m already back here talking about a whole six months of Wren!
I read over my last blog post before starting this one and I’m honestly amazed at how different things feel….

4 Months

After getting through the first misty three months of motherhood I was hoping to have more of a handle on things when Wren turned 4 months old, but this wasn’t the case. It felt like just as I was getting to grips with everything…suddenly I was thrown back into the early days with a screaming baby I didn’t know how to handle.
Wren went through his 4th leap (I’m following the wonder weeks app) and we hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. It was a messy few weeks of Wren fighting naps, waking all through the night and long days of constant crying.
Still, like everything, it passed and when it did the change in Wren was considerably noticeable….

5 Months

Once we hit 5 months we really reaped the benefits of everything Wren had learnt to do during his 4th leap. He was suddenly so interactive and I loved watching his little face discover new things, he really started to develop a personality at this age and more often than not he was a joy to be around.
But the best thing about this month? We finally settled into a routine. I’d had advice from a lot of parents saying that eventually things just start to fall into place, one day it’ll just happen. Whilst this was often met with frustration from me, wondering ‘but when??’ It was true that all it took was time…
Time for Wren to adjust to life on the outside and time for me and Brett to adjust to life as parents.

6 Months

And now here we are, my darling Wren is 6 months old today!
6 months feels like a massive milestone and things suddenly feel, I don’t know, grown up!
I’m no longer breastfeeding (I’ll do a post on that soon) and Wren is now having his first taste of food. He can sit unaided and is actively playing with his toys, rather than just putting them straight in his mouth. Although he’s still very much a baby I’m starting to, dare I say it, see flashes of toddler in him! Whilst there is the odd day where I long to have my newborn baby back, it’s an absolute joy to see Wren grow and develop and I’m so so excited to see what the next 3 months have in store for us.

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