Four Ways To Have A Romantic Evening At Home

Now that I’m a mama, deciding on a whim to go out for a romantic meal isn’t really an option, a night out takes careful planning, lining up a baby sitter weeks in advance and packing up everything but the kitchen sink to make sure Wren is catered for! Phew, even writing it down takes it out of me.
This Valentine’s Day is going to be a quiet one for me, however that’s not to say I won’t be celebrating! With a few little tweaks here and there it doesn’t take a lot to have a romantic evening at home. So whether you’re a knackered mama in need of a little romance in her life or just don’t want to go out and pay for an over priced meal I’m here with four easy ways to have a romantic evening at home…

Turn off your phone!

We’ve all done it, realised that half an hour has passed and you’ve not said one word to one another yet you’ve scrolled through instagram 100 times and read every tweet in your twitter feed. Put your phone down, put it in another room or heck, go crazy and even turn it off! Spend some quality time with your other half focused on nothing else but them.

Indulge in some treats

When I’m planning a special evening at home, buying in some delicious treats is always at the top of my list. With it being Valentine’s Day there is only one thing i’ll be indulging in….chocolate!
The lovely ladies over at Creighton’s Chocolaterie have a wonderful selection of delicious valentine’s goodies from the In Bloom bar, a delicious white chocolate bar with matcha green tea & floral cherry blossom (frankly it looks too good to eat) to the quirky Venus Nipple Truffles. They’re the perfect goodies to sit back and enjoy with a glass of fizz, once the kids have gone to bed of course!

Set the mood

Brett and I have eaten several meals whilst surrounded by Wrens toys with The One Show playing in the background. Hardly a romantic setting now is it? If you’re going to make an effort to spend some quality time together then spend 15 minutes tidying up and create a cosy environment you can sit back and really relax in. Lower the lights, light some of your favourite candles…and pray the baby doesn’t wake up!

Look over old photos

Instead of popping on a film or binge watching a series on Netflix…get out the photo albums, or whatever the modern day equivalent is!
When life sometimes gets in the way and it feels like you’ve not really spent any proper time together as a couple (well not without a 6 month old attached to one of you…) it’s so much fun looking over photos and reliving memories.
You’ll end up chatting, laughing and reminiscing over all the good times you’ve shared! So much better than falling asleep in front of a film…

So there we have it….turn down the lights, open up the chocolates and spend some good old quality time together looking over all the cringe selfies you’ve accumulated over the years, the perfect romantic evening at home!


This post is in collaboration with Creighton’s Chocolaterie and they’ve very kindly offered 15% off using the code ‘charming’ for my lovely readers

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