Christmas Gift Guide – Practical Gifts For Babies

Welcome back to my Christmas Gift Guide, yesterdays post was all about gifts for Baby's First Christmas. Part two is Practical Gifts For Babies, now practical isn't always what we look for when buying presents is it? We want fun, exciting and pretty things to look at! Well I've made sure that the following gifts [...]

Clerkenwell Wax Co.

I know there are some people who think that Christmas should be celebrated on one day and one day only. I am not one of those people. Come December there is nothing I enjoy more than getting into the festive spirit. From picking out the tree and ordering the bird to evenings at home with [...]

Festive Chocolate Bars

One of my favourite things about this time of year is being able to indulge that little bit more in all the delicious food on offer. From countless mince pies to that extra roast potato (or five) on Christmas Day. And of course the festive period wouldn't be complete without chocolate. Amirite? The lovely ladies [...]

Instax Mini

After a Christmas present for the budding photographer in your life? Well look no further than a Fuji Film Instax Mini 8. This little polaroid camera produces credit card sized snaps - so it's perfect for snapping on the go. The cameras come in an array of different colours, with different themed films from rainbow [...]