Husk & Honey Granola

Ahh granola! My number one breakfast staple. Delicious crunchy oats, lashings of milk and sweet nuggets of coconut (the best bit if you ask me) whats not to like? I like to make my own from time to time but sometimes life just gets in the way, y'know? (Okay, okay sometimes I'm just lazy!) But [...]

Canesmith & Co

There was nothing better as a kid than the joy of wondering into a sweet shop, pound coin in hand, with jars upon jars full of delicious sweets to chose from. I use to spend ages deliberating over which sweets would make their way into my goodie bag and eventually home with me (well, not that [...]

Festive Chocolate Bars

One of my favourite things about this time of year is being able to indulge that little bit more in all the delicious food on offer. From countless mince pies to that extra roast potato (or five) on Christmas Day. And of course the festive period wouldn't be complete without chocolate. Amirite? The lovely ladies [...]

Perfect Granola

I am forever in search of the perfect granola, I’ve tried countless recipes, some of which have been good, some have been really good…yet most have failed to give me the sweet, crunchy clusters I desire. On Sunday night I took to google in search of ‘crunchy granola recipes’. Googling recipes is a bit of [...]

26 grains

Ah 26 grains, a porridge haven! Tucked away in pretty Neals Yard (Covent Garden) 26 grains is soon becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in London. Gone are the days when porridge conjures up a frightful image of cold, lumpy oats seasoned with not much more than a pinch of salt. The bowls 26 [...]


(Photograph by Roybread)  I came across the lovely Rachel (of Roybread) and her sourdough on Instagram (God bless social media). Based in West London Rachel bakes and hand delivers loaves of delicious sourdough every week. Is there anything dreamier than freshly baked bread hand delivered to your front door? I don't think so! I caught [...]

Avocado on Toast

The avocado. Popular amongst 'grammars, bloggers and health food fanatics, it seems as though the simple avocado is here to stay and with all their health benefits, its really no surprise. Packed full of healthy fats, potassium and enough vitamins to shake a stick at its easy to see why they're hailed a 'superfood'. Though [...]