Husk & Honey Granola

Ahh granola! My number one breakfast staple. Delicious crunchy oats, lashings of milk and sweet nuggets of coconut (the best bit if you ask me) whats not to like? I like to make my own from time to time but sometimes life just gets in the way, y'know? (Okay, okay sometimes I'm just lazy!) But [...]


Have you ever wished that there was one single place you could peruse delicious foodie products and discover your new favourite coffee/granola/chocolate brand? Sure there are farmers markets you could lazily stroll around on a Sunday morning but let's face it, as great as that is, sometimes on a Sunday we just want our bed, [...]

Clerkenwell Wax Co.

I know there are some people who think that Christmas should be celebrated on one day and one day only. I am not one of those people. Come December there is nothing I enjoy more than getting into the festive spirit. From picking out the tree and ordering the bird to evenings at home with [...]

Our Wedding Photographers

I thought it was about time I shared a few more of my wedding photographs with you. I’ve drip fed a couple onto my Instagram but thought it would be nice to show you the day in a little more detail…and rave about the wonderful SD Photography whilst I’m at it. SD Photography, also known [...]

26 grains

Ah 26 grains, a porridge haven! Tucked away in pretty Neals Yard (Covent Garden) 26 grains is soon becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in London. Gone are the days when porridge conjures up a frightful image of cold, lumpy oats seasoned with not much more than a pinch of salt. The bowls 26 [...]


(Photograph by Roybread)  I came across the lovely Rachel (of Roybread) and her sourdough on Instagram (God bless social media). Based in West London Rachel bakes and hand delivers loaves of delicious sourdough every week. Is there anything dreamier than freshly baked bread hand delivered to your front door? I don't think so! I caught [...]